Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Friend Dahmer is officially launched.

The big corporate bookselling entities  jumped the starting gun, but yesterday, Mar. 2, was the official launch date of the book. I marked the long-awaited day with a signing and exhibition at the William Busta Gallery in Cleveland.

Thanks to the several hundred friends and fans who turned out for the evening. The entire stock of books was nearly sold out. It was an incredible turnout on a mean, stormy night.

For those interested, the exhibit will be on display until April 21. The exhibit documents the 20-year-long effort to bring this project to fruition, from source material, to sketchbook pages, to the earlier short stories and an aborted graphic novel, to pages from the final incarnation. Lest any accuse me of crass commercialism, none of the material is for sale. For those interested in the process of making a graphic novel, especially one as difficult as this, it's something worth checking out. More info on the gallery is HERE.

The Facebook album of the opening is HERE

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