Saturday, March 24, 2012

The eBook is here!

People have been asking about an eBook version of My Friend Dahmer, and, yes, there is one.

I had eBooks in mind when I put this book together. My previous book, Punk Rock & Trailer Parks had a lot of two-page spreads. It was constructed with traditional book reading in mind, where the reader opens a book and turns the pages and takes each open spread in at one glance. With MFD, however, I was thinking of one page at a time, since that's how eReaders display the pages. I think comix work great on tablets and eReaders and their potential is unlimited, but the price of that format shift is we lose the way comix have been laid out for their entire history. But why fight it? It's inevitable. Ten years from now, eBooks will account for 75 percent of book sales. Hopefully in a couple years, tablets will have evolved into devices that fold out into magazine-size double screens and we can regain the spread.

For you completists, the eBook of MFD comes loaded with extra material:

•Three extra scenes, cut from the print version for various reasons.

Young Jeffrey Dahmer, the first eight-page short story I drew in 1995.

•Some pages from my first attempt at a full-length graphic novel in 1998.

•A small selection of pencil pages from the final book. I ink directly over pencils, so most do not survive unless I make copies somewhere along the way.

•Some sketchbook pages from 1991 and 2006.

•And some source material, including drawings from my high school sketchbook and photos from back in the day.

Unfortunately, the Kindle version is still in the pipeline somewhere at Amazon HQ and not yet available on the Amazon site. They had it weeks ago, so hopefully it will be up soon.

USAToday has a preview of the eBook extras HERE

Here's where it's available now:

Available on Nook

Available on iTunes

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