Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Derf: Minister of Propaganda for the Dahmer Fan Club

This is a pencil sketch for a proposed cover to our Senior Yearbook, probably drawn sometime in Fall 1977. It's my take on the iconic Spirit of 76 painting. It was Revere High School, our school nickname was "The Minutemen," so everything had a tiresome Revolutionary War theme (even though my hometown in 1776 was just pine forest with a few hundred Indians strolling around). That is, of course, Dahmer as the drummer on the far left!

As the self-proclaimed Minister of Propaganda of the Dahmer Fan Club, the small group of band nerds that befriended Dahmer and egged him on as he performed his various strange antics, I slipped Dahmer into dozens of drawings during our high school years: cartoons in the school paper, theater posters, student council election flyers, pep rally posters, etc. The yearbook cover above was to be my "masterpiece." Alas, the yearbook advisor and editor had caught on to us by that time, recognized Dahmer in the sketch, and killed the cover. Too bad. That drawing would have wound up in Time and Newsweek in 1991!

I only stumbled across this sketch, after years of fruitless searching. This is only the pencil sketch. The finished pen & ink drawing is still unaccounted for.

Above: Here I am working on one of my "masterpieces" in the main hallway. Looks like a football poster. I slipped Dahmer in to few of these, too. In fact, he often kept me company as I was drawing posters after school.

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