Monday, February 13, 2012

My Friend Dahmer preview

Here's the official PREVIEW of MY FRIEND DAHMER.

The scene above is from the very spooky opening sequence and takes place in Dahmer's boyhood clubhouse, a shack his Dad built for him in the woods behind the Dahmer house. It was a common boyhood thing. I had one, too! A place to squirrel away dog-eared copies of Mad and Famous Monsters of Filmland (and the odd girlie mag we pinched off a neighborhood dad), to hang out with pals, trade baseball cards and play games of skill with our pocket knives, maybe set off some firecrackers. Not Dahmer. His clubhouse, as the above page illustrates, is where he stored his collection of roadkill!

This was a real place. These things really happened. And here's proof (above). This is the ruin of that very clubhouse. This photo was taken in 1991, on the Dahmer property (some unlucky soul had purchased it off Lionel Dahmer a few years prior), just after Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee and squads of law enforcement descended on his boyhood home, the site of his first murder in 1978. To police investigators this was just a pile of lumber that had nothing to do with the crime they were investigating. But I knew what went on in that clubhouse and pointed it out to reporters for the Akron Beacon Journal, where I was working as a staff artist at the time. Dahmer grew up in a suburb of Akron and the Beacon owned the story from the Ohio end. It was the Beacon that first pieced together the tale of Dahmer's young life, mostly from details provided by yours truly. The clubhouse soon became part of the Dahmer lore. It will be even more so when people read my account of what happened there!

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