Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Friend Dahmer on Amazon right now!

My Friend Dahmer, the book Flavorwire names the most-anticipated graphic novel of the yearis on sale at last! Amazon is already shipping out copies to those who "pre-order." It's still a whopping 35-percent off, too! Don't know how long that will last. Order HERE 


  1. Just heard on gweek podcast that there is a digital version with extra scenes? How will one be able to get their hands on that? I'm trying to decide whether to preorder now, or whether it would make sense to get the digital version instead, that paddling scene sounds pretty great.

    1. The eBook is being put together right now. I think it will be available soon, as in a week or two. Not sure what the price is. With the sales running right now, you can probably grab both the print version (and it is a beautiful looking book) and the extra eBook for under $25.

    2. OK, I'll pick up the print book now, I'd rather have that anyway. I'll try to remember to check back to see the announcement for the ebook.