Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Friend Dahmer wins ALEX Award

Man, I love librarians. Of all the folks who have championed MFD, librarians are at the front of the crowd. My publisher directed a huge promotional effort toward library groups, and this paid off in a big way, since librarians from all over have been pushing the book on skeptical patrons.

And at the end of June, the American Library Assoc. will honor MFD with a couple sweet awards. It was one of only 10 books given an ALEX Award. It's a pretty big deal and the internet lit up after the awards were announced.  

The ALA also  named my book the top read for "Reluctant Teen Readers." I think that's a nice librarian term for "Teenage Dumbasses." Hey, I'll take it.

I'll pick up my honors at the ALA convention in Chicago, as if I need an excuse to visit my favorite American city. 

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