Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back up and running

Your humble scribbler at the C2E2 con in Chicago.

Yeah, I know I let this blog run dry recently. Went quite a few months without new posts. Those of you who've been following me at the Derfcity blog know I've centered my posts on all my work, not just My Friend Dahmer, there.  Or on Facebook and the obligatory Twitter. But I'm planning to pull all these disparate parts together into a redesigned Derfcity site. So, to that end, some new posts here.

What a ride it's been since last I posted here. My Friend Dahmer is now in its 4th printing. It was nominated for an Ignatz Award and a Reuben Award, and got skunked for Eisner Award nominations (not sure what that was about). It was awarded a prestigious  ALEX Award from the American Library Association, which is worth far more in both influence and sales impact that all three of those comix awards combined.

Window of a Paris bookstore

Mon Ami Dahmer was released in April 2013 to phenomenal reception. It's already in its 2nd printing. My publisher flew me in to Paris for a memorable week of signings and appearances. Mein Freund Dahmer hit bookstores in early May. And Mi Amigo Dahmer is on the way.

But I've decided to slow down after a year on the road. Time to hunker down and start working in earnest on new books. So I've cleared my schedule for the rest of 2013. Oh, there may be an odd signing or two, but I'm basically done. If you missed me during the last year, sorry, but you'll have to wait for the next book!

So posts to this blog fell by the wayside. That was a lapse, so I"ll try to make up for lost time.

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