Friday, April 6, 2012

Of all the rave reviews that have piled up, here's the one that hits closest to home. Literally. Here's  Cleveland blog queen Erin O'Brien and her take in The Richfield Times and Bath Country Journal , the free monthly papers that are distributed to every household in my (and Dahmer's) hometown. O'Brien started out as a cub reporter for these publications and has since gone on to greater things, freelancing for the NY Times for instance, but she was so taken by the book and the exhibit at Busta Gallery in Cleveland that she volunteered to write a piece for the paper. She has a local take on the book– her mom still lives there–  that is unique to all the write-ups MFD has received. The story for people in my hometown, of course, is personal. Many knew me, and knew the Dahmers. Many of my schoolmates still live in town. All these people will recognize their school, their town, their local landmarks. It's a very different reading experience for them than it is for the rest of you. Not sure how this book will go over there, to be honest. I don't live in my hometown, and haven't since shortly after the events depicted in My Friend Dahmer, so it's not a big concern, but still... it is my hometown.

No website, but a PDF is HERE. Review is on page 30.

One more review, I just have to link to. By book critic Lev Grossmann in Time magazine.

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