Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Friend Dahmer book trailers

I get a big kick out of these. MFD has become a standard in many high school curriculum, thanks mainly to the American Library Assoc., which has championed the book right from the beginning. MFD has been on its recommended reading list for teens for three years straight, along with several other honors and lists. It's been amazing. Probably accounts for at least two printings of the book.

A staple of high school English classes these days is the homemade book trailer. Instead of a book report, make a short video about the book of your choice. There have been a number of these popping up in my news alert lately. A pretty fun assignment for high school. Wish we could have done one of these back in 1978! We did make some goofy films. All the members of the Dahmer Fan Club were involved in these. But not Jeff, unfortunately. Friend Neal has copies, and I've seen them recently. They're totally nonsensical, but it's a hoot watching our young selves clown around, in real life, just as I depict our antics in the book.

Above is one is one of the better trailers, although it's hard not to crack up at the stuffed animal road kill! 

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