Friday, January 17, 2014

Europe Book Tour 2014

For those of in France, if any of you are out there reading this drivel, here's the schedule for my fast-approaching tour with my beloved publisher Éditions çà et là.

Feb. 4: à Millepages BD, Vincennes

Feb. 5: Philippe le libraire, Paris 

Feb 6: au Grand Nulle Part, Rouen

Feb. 8: à la librairie Bulle, Le Mans

Feb. 10: BD Net Nation, Paris 

Feb. 11: Multi BD, Bruxelles

Feb. 12: Gibert Joseph, Paris

Feb. 13: La Cour des Miracle, Caen

Feb. 14: Univers BD, Paris 

Feb. 15: Bachi-Bouzouk, Pau

Feb. 17: Book in Bar, Aix en Provence

Feb. 18: La Réserve à Bulles, Marseille

Feb. 19: Esprit BD, Clermont-Ferrand

As previously announced, Mon Ami Dahmer has been chosen as a Sélection Officielle. It's a huge honor and puts it up for the Grand Prize. This is the Cannes of comix. I won't win, of course, but at least for once I won't be losing to Chris Ware! 

And, I just found out today, I'll be back in France in early May for more signings and another book fest!

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