Saturday, September 8, 2012

Upcoming appearances

Sorry for the radio silence. I've been madly prepping for the Fall leg of the My Friend Dahmer book tour. 

First up is the SPX Comix Fest in DC, this coming weekend, Sept. 15 & 16. If you're anywhere near the nation's capital, this is not an event to miss for comics fans. And what a line-up of heavy hitters! Dan Clowes, Chris Ware, the Hernadez Bros., etc, plus hundreds of creators and publishers in the big hall.

All the info is HERE

The evening before SPX opens, I'll be up in Baltimore at Atomic Books for the SPXPLOSION! I"ll have a short presentation, along with five other notable creators, including the fantastic Box Brown and the stream-of-consciousness superpunk Josh Bayer.

Fans will be greeted. Books will be signed. Adult beverages will be served.

SPXplosion info HERE

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